Circular economy

Circular entrepreneurship in the touristic sector

What is circular entrepreneurship?

Circular entrepreneurship is a way of doing business in which the reuse of products and raw materials is maximized, thereby minimizing loss of value. Important for the tourism sector, because tourism involves mass consumption of raw materials. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, tourism around the two seas coast will increase by 5 to 8% in the coming decades. As a result, this mass consumption is also growing around for example land use and water consumption. This puts pressure on the already limited raw materials in the region. Circular entrepreneurship offers results for the tourism sector.

With circular entrepreneurship in the tourism sector, you can think of the design and choice of materials for accommodation to reuse. Or analyzing waste for possible reuse: imagine turning the mussel shells of a restaurant into a new product. But also reducing water consumption and optimizing energy use are part of circular business.