Best practices

The best practices will help you to support in finding solutions and models more easily, so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

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Sustainable packaging


The most sustainable package, is no package at all. At OHNE, you shop packaging-free, organically and locally. Go for zero waste and make a difference to our planet with unpacked and reusable biodegradable products.

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Design & construction of natural plant-based water purification systems. Wastewater treatment with reed beds: Reed beds or helophyte filters purify wastewater through an optimal combination of natural processes and intelligent techniques. Rietland has been designing and building helophyte filters (reed beds) for the purification of waste water since 1994.

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Joint purchase

Province of West-Flanders

Joint purchase of green energy by the Province of West-Flanders. "A cheap energy contract together, without the hassle. With this group purchase, you too can save on the energy costs of your company or association in five simple steps."

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Sustainable packaging

Le Mirazur

The three-star Mirazur in Menton is the world’s first restaurant to be certified “Plastic Free.” What’s more, by replacing single-use plastics with compostable alternatives, the staff has developed a permaculture garden. A virtuous circle for the restaurant – and the planet.

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Circulair building

Rotor Deconstruction

Rotor Deconstruction is a cooperative that organizes the reuse of construction materials. "We dismantle, process and trade salvaged building components"

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Renewable energy

Camping Kreekebos

Camping Kreekebos is a small campsite in the region Zeeland. The philosophy of the camping owners Ina and Peter, is to be as sustainable as possible. To achieve this goal, they took several steps towards saving energy and using sustainable energy.

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Drinking water from purified wastewater? The restaurant Gust’eaux in Kuurne (Belgium) partnered with BOSAQ, Tuincreatie Igodt, Vlakwa and Ghent University to establish a world-first(!). The restaurant provided its visitors with high-quality drinking water, produced from their own wastewater using state-of-the-art technology.

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Circulair building

Surfschool Veerse Dam

Surfschool Veerse dam in the Netherlands is a watersports center. The company teaches, rents equipment and provides official VDWS (German international water sports organization) diplomas. Since six years, the surf school is completely self-sufficient. To accomplish this six solar panels, two wind turbines, a battery pack and a water reservoir were installed.

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Waste management

Quatra Frying oil

Quatra is specialized in collecting frying oil and recycling it into a raw material for the production of second-generation biodiesel. Nothing is wasted: 100% optimization

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Circulair building

The Veere Beach Exploitation Foundation (SSV)

The Veere Beach Exploitation Foundation (SSV) manages, operates and monitors the beaches of the townships Veere and Vlissingen. In 2020 they build a (partly) circular beach post on the beach of Dishoek. From this station, beach surveillance take place during the summer season.

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Circulair building


Facadeclick is the unique, circular product of Speed Building System, a Belgian company founded in 2016. It is a fast construction system in which a joint-free, circular façade can be quickly built with brick without mortar or glue. The bricks are, as it were, clicked together like LEGO blocks.

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Sustainable packaging


Ozarka are a proactive team working in the Netherlands. They are driven to find practical ways to tackle packaging waste from prepared foods. Ozarka is committed to solving the problem of disposable food packaging at every level and for all food vendors looking to replace disposables with a sustainable solution.

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Sustainable packaging

Norfolk Recycles

Despite being popular at parties and events, releasing sky lanterns and helium-filled balloons can have disastrous environmental, social and economic impacts. Following the good example set by locations like Wales who banned the use of sky lanterns on council land in February 2018, Norfolk County Council has similarly prohibited their release.

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Waste management


Street litter, needless waste and people’s attitudes towards sustainability is of worldwide concern. Hubbub’s Ballot Bins have an impressive track record for international engagement. No fewer than 38 countries across the world have invested in the product and Hubbub have now sold more than 3,000 units. With all profits going back to the charity, the Ballot Bin has become a powerful example of nudge theory in the action.

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Circulair building

De Paardekreek

This villapark and campsite in Kortgene wants to innovate in its recreation product and has shared this ambition with WTS architects and Impuls Zeeland. On the banks of the Veerse Meer, a location has been reserved for the development of something challenging, something stimulating, something exciting and something sustainable: a circulair Kreeksuite.

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Sustainable packaging

Billie Cup

"Take away coffee? Only when they have Billie Cups! What if we all stopped using disposable cups but still kept our coffee routine going? Sounds crazy? With Billie Cup it’s possible! You pay 1€ deposit for the cup, which you can get back at any participating location. This way you can enjoy your coffee without making waste.

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Waste management

Too good to go

Too Good To Go connects users with merchants who are stuck with unsold products at the end of the day, allowing users to enjoy those products instead of throwing them away. Users get delicious products at democratic prices, companies see their customer base grow and the planet wins too - a win-win-win situation.

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Waste management


The Bruges urban agriculture project Kopjezwam recovers residual flows (coffee grounds, coffee husks and brewer's grains) from local coffee bars, coffee roasters and a microbrewery. They grow delicious products such as oyster mushrooms, shiitake and micro vegetables on it.

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Renewable energy

Bolt energy

"Real energy from real people. The energy platform that goes against the current. Bolt is the very first energy platform that really wants to make the Belgian grid sustainable. Via Bolt, you can buy your energy directly from local, green generators. So you know exactly where your energy comes from and where your money goes."

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Waste management

Plastic Whale

Plastic Whale is a social enterprise with a mission - they want plastic-free waters. Worldwide. They achieve this by showing others that economic value can be created from plastic waste, involving as many people and businesses as possible within the pillars. Their slogan: We Collect, We Create, We Educate.

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Waste management


Instock is a company which manufactures beer and granola, has a restaurant and supplies catering establishments with food products. One third of the food in our world is wasted and Instock wants to do something about that. The organization takes on this challenge quite literally by using products that would otherwise remain unsold and by create awareness of the issue.