Project partners demonstrate the adoption of circular economy solutions in tourism through already identified pilot activities. Click on the pilot(s) of your interest for more information.

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Boosting entrepreneurial adoption of circular solutions

Circularity offers many opportunities for businesses in tourism. To give an idea of these opportunities, we share with you examples of circular issues and solutions. View the business cases and get inspired.

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Circular solutions for the management and valorization of shellfish waste

In this pilot we demonstrate Circular Solutions for the management and valorization of shellfish waste in the tourism sector in Baie de Somme.

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Circular solutions for efficient visitor waste management and recycling services in the tourism sector

Visitors generate large volume of mixed packaging waste and often don't place waste in correct bins to allow recycling. We will work with entrepreneurs and visitors to increase circular economy using four processes concurrently for a maximum impact.

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Demonstrating viability of circular tourism accommodation

Camping en villa park the Paardekreek aims at showcasing the next generation of tourism accommodation that will be as locally sourced and circular as possible, while showing adaptability to upcoming needs and resilience to climate change.

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Cocreating a demo bioCircular accommodation with stakeholders

In this pilot we demonstrate the viability of circular economy tourist accommodation by co-creating a demo bioCircular accommodation with stakeholders. The focus in this pilot is to look both at techniques using waste material as well as working with parts that could be used in new accommodation or been giving another “afterlife”.