Job coaching service

A coaching service for employees with cancer will be developed and piloted.

On the one hand, an optimised job coaching model will be co-created with stakeholders and end-users. The content of the job coaching model will be based upon study visits to existing good practices from the 2 seas area (eg the Rentree-model of Emino (BE), the holistic model of Sara Lee Trust (UK), business consultant as go-between (NL) and processes involving patient experts (FR)), interviews with job coaches and questionning employees about what they consider to be lacking in their return-to-work journey. It will be a single new model with a common baseline aggregating the strengths of the different good practices, but adaptable to the country-specific context. The optimized job coaching model will be tested by 160 employees with cancer as a minimum.

On the other hand, a training programma will be added in order to train the job coaches in using and delivering the new model. Artevelde University College will develop a train the trainer in order that the training programme can be delivered in a comparable way in each region. The job coaches can be either professionals, volunteers or patient experts (with proven expertise in the field of coaching).