Student garden

A Sustainably Cafeteria

Not only students and teachers who follow a meatless diet but also those who want to support the planet by eating less meat don't have a large variety of vegetarian or even vegan options in the cafeteria. Therefore, the HZ Green Office wants to help to improve this and encourage more people to eat sustainably. Izy is leading this project and will collaborate closely with the staff from the canteen.  

Who can join? People who:  

• Follow a meatless diet or have an allergy,  

• Love cooking and have creative ideas for new dishes, and/or  

• Are keen to support the cafeteria in becoming more sustainable and want to see realistic results in the near future!  

Of course, these are only some motivations and we are happy for every helping hand!  

What can you do?  

• Contact suppliers and find suitable solutions for both parties  

• Create a new menu and contribute your own ideas for tasty meatless options 

• Elaborate the financial feasibility If you want to participate in this project or have any questions about it, please contact Izy via with the subject "Project - A sustainable cafeteria". 

Sustainability in Vlissingen  

Especially for new students and tourists coming to Vlissingen, we would like to create a map of the city on which you can easily find sustainable or eco-friendly shops and restaurants. This includes second-hand shops, bars/restaurants who cook with locally produced ingredients and offer a large variety of vegetarian/vegan options on their menu, as well as stores that avoid packaging materials.  

Who can join?  

Are you outgoing, communicative and want to support the sustainable community of Vlissingen?  

Then this project is perfect for you!  

Your responsibilities include  

• Finding all the shops in Vlissingen that should be on the map  

• Talking to the owners to establish a cooperation  

• Creating the map, which should include all the important information about each store  

If you want to participate in this project or have any questions about it, please contact Izy via with the subject "Project - Sustainability in Vlissingen". 

An edible and relaxing garden created by and for students located at the APV student campus in Vlissingen.

Together with the students and APV the HZ Green Office is working on developing a student garden. The goal is to provide a relaxing environment with the opportunity for students to harvest their own herbs, vegetables or fruits.

The project is still in a development phase; we are looking for people to help us develop the garden further.

  • Do you have an interest in gardening?
  • Want to have your own little garden while living in a student dorm?
  • Want to learn how to grow your own food?
  • Want to learn about permaculture and, for example, learn how bringing water (e.g. a pond) brings life to a garden?

Join the student garden project!

Time spent working on the garden can be used for study credits. you could also do a specific assignment linked to a course (e.g. IB Sustainable Practice course).

See the page Study credits for more information.