Student garden

An edible and relaxing garden created by and for students located at the APV student campus in Vlissingen.

Together with the students and APV the HZ Green Office is working on developing a student garden. The goal is to provide a relaxing environment with the opportunity for students to harvest their own herbs, vegetables or fruits.

The project is still in a development phase; we are looking for people to help us develop the garden further.

  • Do you have an interest in gardening?
  • Want to have your own little garden while living in a student dorm?
  • Want to learn how to grow your own food?
  • Want to learn about permaculture and, for example, learn how bringing water (e.g. a pond) brings life to a garden?

Join the student garden project!

Time spent working on the garden can be used for study credits. you could also do a specific assignment linked to a course (e.g. IB Sustainable Practice course).

See the page Study credits for more information.