Marine Biobased Specialties

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The Marine Bio-based Products research group focuses on research into the substances contained in algae, seaweeds and (salt-tolerant) plants (in the sea and on land) and their evaluation. Refining resources into useful ingredients is in line with our development into a sustainable, bio-based and circular economy. The research group carries out research with an evident chemical component (refining, modification, application) and fits in with an environment orientated towards applied research. Thanks to its nature and character, the Marine Bio-based Products research group has an especially good connection with our Sustainable Dynamic Delta.

Would you like to work on these topics in a minor?

Are you interested in working on and learning in these projects? You can do so by participating in the minor Becoming Fit for the Future (30 ECTS, September - January or February - June). Download the brochure (PDF) or find the same information at the educational platform Learn (access with an HZ account only).

Participants allowed

Participants with a background in or strong affinity with the following subjects can join this minor:

  • Business Administration (MER)
  • Chemistry
  • Water Management

Contact and sign up

For more information about Marine Biobased Specialties get in touch with Dorien Derksen (professor, or Tanja Moerdijk-Poortvliet (lecturer and researcher,

For general information about the minor and to signing up contact Gabriëlle Rossing (coordinator minor Becoming Fit for the Future,



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