Waste management

In 2017, the HZ Green Office started to implement waste separation at APV campus in Vlissingen. The initiative was part of the 4th year course Sustainable Practice; business students kick-started the project, and followed-up and improved by another group of business students and eventually adopted by the HZ Green Office. APV housing welcomed the idea. Also the city of Vlissingen is very enthusiastic, since they are eager for pilots on waste separation, due to European legislation demanding every city to decrease the amount of waste produced from 400 kg per person to 100 kg per person. Campus Vlissingen also joined the project at the end of 2018.

HZ Green Office has provided information material, such as posters, for student rooms. And a concept for a workshop on waste separation.

Proper waste separation demands constant attention. Students that originate from many different countries (with differing customs on waste separation) live at APV. And every year a new group of students arrives at APV campus. This means that information on waste separation needs to be given every year to the new arrivals. So waste seperation at the campuses is a continuous project.

Another initiative taken by business students is to separate frying oil at student houses.

In addition, we'll be collaborating with HZ facility management to further improve waste separation at within our school buildings.

Current projects

  • Waste separation at the student accommodation locations APV and Campus Vlissingen
    • In collaboration with the municipality of Vlissingen

Active role in informing the students of how to separate their waste through posters and organizing workshops

  • We are looking for student ambassadors that would like to raise awareness about the importance of waste seperation at the student campuses, who would like to give these workshops, or perhaps have an idea of their own on how to better inform the students on the waste separation procedures.
  • Waste separation HZ Middelburg
    • A four way trash separation system has been installed at HZ Het Groene Woud in Middelburg. However the communication of instructions has not been that clear. In addition, changes will be implemented in February; plastic won't be seperated any longer. Instead coffee cups and the hand towels will go in a sperate bin.We are going to support the school in informing students and staff about what kind of trash needs to go in which trash can.
    • How are we going to do this?
      • The HZ Green Office will spread awareness of the importance of correct waste separation at HZ Het Groene Woud in Middelburg and in time also in Vlissingen.
  • Cooking oil collection at student accommodation locations
    • We are looking at how to stimulate the collection of cooking oil and ways of how to collect and dispose of it
    • 2 barrels currently at APV and Campus Vlissingen
  • Pen Collection
    • We all use writing utensils on almost a daily basis. These are used and then thrown away, each of these utensils being made of hard-to-recycle material. However, a company called TerraCycle has taken the incentive to collect and recycle these utensils. TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company found around the world. They are currently a global leader in recycling, mainly the hard-to-recycle waste. For each country there is a variety of programs that one can participate in. In the Netherlands they are partnered with BIC to collect pens. https://www.terracycle.com/nl-NL
    • How does it work?
      • With a, box one can start collecting pens and then ship it to TerraCycle. If the box weighs more than 20kg, every writing utensil earns a TerraCycle Point that is equal to €0.01. For this program, one can collect any ballpoint pen, fountain pen, highlighters, markers, and mechanical pencils are all accepted, regardless of brand or material, both plastic and metal. The HZ Green Office has been doing said pen collecting for a couple of years now, but this year we intend on creating more awareness about it and expanding to the location in Middelburg.  How can you help?  Have any old pens you’d like to get rid of? Drop them off in Vlissingen at the HZ Green Office or by the Cafe 
  • Return of the good old mug
    • We want to stimulate the use of mugs and reusable bottles within the HZ University.

Want to help us with these projects? Or do you have a new idea on the topic of waste management?

Send us an email or come visit us at the HZ Green Office!

Topic list


Project Start date End date Summary
Oil collection 2 september 2019
Return of the good old mug 5 november 2019
Waste separation 2 september 2019