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Since 2018 the Green Office is facilitating clean up events at the beaches in Vlissingen and in and around "De Binnenhaven", inspired by Monique Jankowski’s efforts with her organization “Doe Mee, Verlos de Zee!”. The Green Office invites everyone to join in the efforts towards a clean and healthy environment at and around the University buildings. The Green Office works together with the Municipality of Vlissingen, which is providing materials like trash pickers, bags, and arranges the disposal of the collected trash. To help Rijkwaterstaat to gain an insight into the plastic litter distribution on the coasts of the East and Western Scheldt, integrated monitoring events are carried out in conjunction with the Clean-ups. This is your chance to participate in scientific research, contribute to a better understanding of litter distribution and future efforts to keep the local beaches clean.  

Student journalism Janine Vink from Utrecht University found out about our initiative and wrote an article (in Dutch) about the cleanups, which gives a great impression.  

The outcome of our first research, testing different monitoring methods, can be read in this report :USING CITIZEN SCIENCE IN MONITORING PLASTIC DEBRIS ON BEACHES 

Clean-ups are organized almost on a weekly basis. A new schedule for February 2020 will be posted on this webpage soon. To always be up to date about the weekly clean-ups, visit our Facebook page: 

You don’t need to bring anything to participate but appropriate clothing. The clean-ups, together with other Green Office activities, are a chance to gain some extra credits for students of the HZ (e.g. linked to HZ Personality/ fcc's) while connecting to new people, participate in an outdoor activity and making a step towards a clean and circular economy. 

The whole initiative is based on volunteers, so every volunteer is welcome to join our efforts! 

We are excited to welcome you to our clean-ups! 

Upcoming cleanups:

new schedule for 2020 will be posted soon

Multi-stakeholder initiative clean water Vlissingen

HZ Green Office is part of a multi-stakeholder initiative with the aim to keep the waters in and around Vlissingen clean. Different stakeholders participate in this initiative, such as Waterschap Scheldestromen, gemeente Vlissingen, the fishery ("de Vismijn"), Reclassering, politie, rowing club De Honte, and Doe Mee Verlos de Zee Vlissingen. This initiative is part of the Convenant Schone Schelde, an initiative from Rijkswaterstaat to decrease the amount of waste in the river Scheldt. the convenant has been signed by 28 parties, amongst which HZ University.

Clean water Vlissingen is currently working on a Project Plan: Project plan Concept 7 jan 2020

On a monthly basis, the stakeholders come together to discuss strategies and actions taken to minimize the waste on the beaches, de Binnenhaven and in and around the Canal. The minutes of these meetings can be found underneath (the minutes are in Dutch).

Verslag overleg 7 jan 2020

Verslag overleg 5 nov 2019

Verslag overleg 7 oktober 2019

Verslag overleg 17 juni 2019

Verslag overleg 8 april

Verslag 13 mei 2019

Verslag 11 maart 2019

Verslag overleg 11 feb 2019

Verslag 7 jan 2019

Verslag overleg 3 dec 2018

Part of the waste collected from De Binnenhaven in March 2019

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