Transnational monitoring and evaluation report

The "Lessons learnt about multi-layered safety to support decision making for flood resilience: transnational monitoring and evaluation report" brings together the deliverables 3.5 (Transnational monitor and evaluation of Resilient Areas), 4.7 (Transnational monitor and evaluation of Resilient Communities), 5.1 (Transnational Focus Groups) and 5.2 (Decision Support System) of FRAMES.

The current document includes the assessment and analysis of the development of adaptive capacities in all pilot projects as well as all the lessons learnt through these pilot projects. The lessons learnt are divided in three chapters: general multi-layer safety lessons learnt in chapters 3, lessons learnt of resilient areas in chapter 4 and lessons learnt of resilient communities are in chapter 5.

The full report can be downloaded here.