All videos made for and about FRAMES can be watched on our youtube channel.

Lessons learnt and outcomes per pilot

The pilot managers have uploaded a short clip where they highlight the lessons learnt and outcomes of their pilot.

Multi-Layer Safety (MLS) explained in 90 seconds and four languages

The videos below explains the concept of multi-layer safety in 90 seconds and is available in English (with subtitles), and with German, Danish and Dutch subtitles.

Media coverage of FRAMES

During the FRAMES Days 2019, the Jade University of Applied and the company Kueste und Raum organised an excursion through the pilot area Wesermarsch. Around lunch time, the European delegation met representatives of different aid organisations such as from the fire brigade, the German Red Cross, the THW and the German Armed Forces in Nordenham. Note: the video is in German.

BBC coverage of the Medway pilot