Green Office

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The HZ Green Office is a team of students from HZ University of Applied Sciences who are passionate about sustainability and who want to bring a change to the world!

The HZ Green Office informs, connects, and supports students and staff to act on sustainability. At the same time, the GO develops its own ideas to embed sustainability in education, research, or operations.

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The current activities involve:

- Regular cleanups of the harbour, the beach, and the forest.

- Gardening at our very own Student Garden located at the APV Campus!

- Waste Management at the HZ University and the student accommodation.

- Bike-sharing project with GoAbout contributes to lowering HZ’s CO2 emissions from mobility!

- Clothing exchange and plogging events!

You can find us at the end of the PE-2 hallway, HZ Vlissingen. Feel free to visit us! Click here for more info on when and where to find us.

The Official HZ Green Office Report can be found here: Report HZ Green Office EN 2020