Joint Purchase

Joint purchasing agreements are arrangements between (groups of) providers to purchase services, equipment and supplies. The aim of joint purchase agreements is to create buyer power which will lead to lower prices or better quality of products or services. 

Providing entrepreneurs with tools for joint purchasing

Many entrepreneurs in the tourism & hospitality sector want to be more sustainable and shift to Circular Economy business practices. Where traditionally decisions were mostly based on financial impacts, nowadays also social and environmental impacts are becoming more relevant in the decision-making process.

One opportunity to do so, is the joint-purchase of products and/or services. The main reasons for collaborating over joint purchases for the circular economy is twofold: to obtain benefits of reduced costs while lowering the environmental costs of that purchase. Entrepreneurs can also benefit in other ways from taking part in such agreements.

Joint purchase model

A model is a simplification of reality, which in itself is far more complex and unique. However, a model can help us to understand and make sense of reality and provide some common ground. Taking this into account we chose to create a Joint Purchase-model that is process-oriented and provides a step-by-step approach to organize a collaborative JP-project. 

Goal of the tool

Our goal is to enable entrepreneurs to introduce circular economy principles into their purchasing activities and thereby create financial, social and environmental value. This guideline gives you a brief overview on the criteria for JP, some best-practices from other sectors and insights in different strategies that make such arrangement suitable for the Circular Economy. Furthermore, we present a working model that helps structure the collaboration process for Joint-Purchase in seven steps.

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