Accelerating the adoption of a Circular Economy in the tourism and leisure sector. 

The 2 Seas Interreg project FACET (Facilitating the Adoption of Circular Entrepreneurship in the Tourism and Leisure Sector), has implemented several strategies to support tourism entrepreneurs in the 2 Seas areas of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and England in adopting circular economy solutions. The circular economy is about moving away from the current business-as-usual linear system of production and consumption to one that focuses on valorising and circulating resources for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Fundation of successful circular entrepreneurship

This white paper first introduces the concept of the circular economy and how it applies to the tourism sector. Links to previously published white papers are made where there are more detailed discussions available on the application of circular economy solutions in tourism. Secondly, the white paper elaborates on the 3-M Framework for circular entrepreneurship and on recommendations for tourism entrepreneurs about how to accelerate the implementation of circular solutions.

These recommendations are also of interest to other destination stakeholders, working on the circular economy and sustainability, including local public sector authorities. This white paper contains examples, cases, and testimonials of entrepreneurs and relevant tourism stakeholders.

Highlights white paper

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