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Billie Cup

"Take away coffee? Only when they have Billie Cups! What if we all stopped using disposable cups but still kept our coffee routine going? Sounds crazy? With Billie Cup it’s possible! You pay 1€ deposit for the cup, which you can get back at any participating location. This way you can enjoy your coffee without making waste.

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Le Mirazur

The three-star Mirazur in Menton is the world’s first restaurant to be certified “Plastic Free.” What’s more, by replacing single-use plastics with compostable alternatives, the staff has developed a permaculture garden. A virtuous circle for the restaurant – and the planet.

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Norfolk Recycles

Despite being popular at parties and events, releasing sky lanterns and helium-filled balloons can have disastrous environmental, social and economic impacts. Following the good example set by locations like Wales who banned the use of sky lanterns on council land in February 2018, Norfolk County Council has similarly prohibited their release.

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The most sustainable package, is no package at all. At OHNE, you shop packaging-free, organically and locally. Go for zero waste and make a difference to our planet with unpacked and reusable biodegradable products.

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Ozarka are a proactive team working in the Netherlands. They are driven to find practical ways to tackle packaging waste from prepared foods. Ozarka is committed to solving the problem of disposable food packaging at every level and for all food vendors looking to replace disposables with a sustainable solution.