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Buying directly from local; green generators

"Real energy from real people. The energy platform that goes against the current. Bolt is the very first energy platform that really wants to make the Belgian grid sustainable. Via Bolt, you can buy your energy directly from local, green generators. So you know exactly where your energy comes from and where your money goes."


Green and sustainable power

Green and sustainable electricity at hotel Vayamundo

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Guidance on the best energy saving measures for individual businesses

“The Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia programme provides free support to eligible organisations in Suffolk and Norfolk to help them become more energy efficient.”

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Investing in our planet

Parkhotel installed solar panels to generate its own power, invested in electric charging stations, does its laundry with filtered rainwater, is committed to local products and local partnerships, and communicates that vision to staff and visitors. Speaking of an integrated vision!

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Investing in sustainable luxury

The owners of Gastenverblijf De Arend and Tearoom Cornet de la Mer in Nieuwpoort (Belgium), are going for a sustainable future.


Mobile solar park

Summer 'Camping Belgica' from StuBru gets its energy completely from the Solar Vagant mobile solar park of 7C Solarparken Belgium.


Parking lot with solar panels

At holiday park de Meerpaal, solar panels are installed on the roof of the parking lot

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Saving energy and using sustainable energy

Camping Kreekebos is a small campsite in the region Zeeland. The philosophy of the camping owners Ina and Peter, is to be as sustainable as possible. To achieve this goal, they took several steps towards saving energy and using sustainable energy.