Kreeksuite 8x6.jpg

A circular accommodation

This villapark and campsite in Kortgene wants to innovate in its recreation product and has shared this ambition with WTS architects and Impuls Zeeland. On the banks of the Veerse Meer, a location has been reserved for the development of something challenging, something stimulating, something exciting and something sustainable: a circulair Kreeksuite.

Basic beach bar de Branding.jpg

Basic Beach Bar de Branding

High-quality reuse of materials coming from an old building and a circular energy installation

Camping Schippers .jpg

Camping Schippers

A business plan for the construction of a center building / workshop that fits in the environment, in a circular manner


Circular and Biobased cycle path

This best practice is about a Cycle path made of bioasphalt and biobased concrete

Facadeclick 8x6.jpg

Circular building with blocks

Facadeclick is the unique, circular product of Speed Building System, a Belgian company founded in 2016. It is a fast construction system in which a joint-free, circular façade can be quickly built with brick without mortar or glue. The bricks are, as it were, clicked together like LEGO blocks.

Ons buiten.jpg

Circular swimmingpool

Camping park Ons Buiten build a circular building for an indoor swimming pool. There was an old-fashioned building that was not sustainable, the new building is flexible, future-proof, built with circular materials, energy-saving and fits into the landscape.

Veere beach exploitaition 8x6.jpg

Energy-neutral and circular building

The Veere Beach Exploitation Foundation (SSV) manages, operates and monitors the beaches of the townships Veere and Vlissingen. In 2020 they build a (partly) circular beach post on the beach of Dishoek. From this station, beach surveillance take place during the summer season.

Sefl sustainable surf school 8x6.jpg

Self-sufficient surf school

Surfschool Veerse dam in the Netherlands is a watersports center. The company teaches, rents equipment and provides official VDWS (German international water sports organization) diplomas. Since six years, the surf school is completely self-sufficient. To accomplish this six solar panels, two wind turbines, a battery pack and a water reservoir were installed.

Rcn de jagerstee 8x6.jpg

Sustainable sanitary building

To save energy at holiday park RCN de Jagerstee, they have installed a sustainable sanitary building. This to save energy costs and because sustainability is very important to the park. They also have a sustainability certificate for the Green Key Gold.

Zwembad 8x6.jpg

Swimming pool heating with biomass system

A swimming pool in Lemmer right next to the IJsselmeer is heated by a biomass installation. The biomass installation heats the indoor air and the swimming pool water.