• Country: the Netherlands
  • Type of provider: beach pavilions
  • Focus:
    • Reduce
    • Re-purpose

Summary of the project

Every season, tourists drink hundreds of thousands of cups of coffee and glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice on the Zeeland coast. The coffee grounds and orange peels end up in the incinerator, while you can also make new products from them. Six Schouwse beach pavilions opt for the latter. They are going to process their waste in a circular way.

The six went to work practically. They spoke with partners in the chain, from suppliers, logistics companies to food producers. In addition to the cycle of organic waste, the pavilion owners also want to reduce packaging material (source: https://www.ad.nl/zeeland/schouwse-strandpaviljoens-gaan-slim-om-met-afval-koffiedrab-komt-terug-als-kroket~aacbfd29/).

Business plan

In 2021, 24 coastal tourism entrepreneurs were enthusiastic to work towards a more circular business and presented us their specific challenges and needs. All of them stepped into an individual coaching program with external experts.  

Early 2021, the experts accompanied the entrepreneurs in defining their needs more precisely. During several coaching sessions the experts were able to guide the entrepreneurs towards the circular solutions that fit their specific needs and business. Feasible and tailor-made advice was given and written down in a Circular design proposal and action plan. For some entrepreneurs this already resulted in a final Business plan.

Click here for the final business plan of Beach pavilion De Haven van Renesse (Dutch only).

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R-strategie: Reduce, Repurpose
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