• Country: Netherlands
  • Type of provider: beach pavilions
  • Focus:
    • Reduce

Summary of the project

A group of North Holland beach pavilions has stopped using disposable plastic on their terraces. The pavilions now prevent blowable plastic, such as straws, honey sticks, milk cups and biscuit packaging, from being blown onto the beach and ending up in the sea. They go a step further than European legislation that came into effect on July 3, 2021, which prohibits the use of some single-use plastics, such as plastic straws and cutlery.

The need for the initiative is great: a significant part (about 43%) of all plastic in the sea comes from the 10 most used single-use plastics. Think of straws, bottles, plastic cups and packaging. Disposable plastic is lightweight and can easily be blown away or spread by seagulls, easily ending up in the sea. To make it clear to the consumer that they no longer use plastic, the beach pavilions are handed a sign that they can hang next to their doors. For example, the pavilions can be recognized as Plastic-Free Terrace (source: https://www.nritmedia.nl/kennisbank/44261/stoppen-met-wegwerpplastic-kan/?topicsid=).

More information

Do you want to know more about this project? Please visit (Dutch): https://plasticvrijterras.com

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