• Country: Belgium
  • Type of provider: Camping
  • Focus:
    • Reduce
    • Reuse
    • Rethink

Summary of the project

With the deployment of the energy platform Bolt and 7C Solarparken Belgium, Camping Belgica is fully supplied with locally generated solar energy for the second year in a row. No noisy and polluting diesel generators at this location that appeals to the imagination in Flanders, from where StuBru brings live radio all summer. It has long been the ambition of Pieterjan Verhaeghen, CEO of Bolt, to make events and festivals completely generator-free. This collaboration also led to a world first at the Parklife festival in Werchter, which now runs entirely on solar energy and locally generated green energy.

What started in 2020 as an ambitious concept quickly grew into a prestigious solar project.

In 2020, Bolt, 7C Solarparken Belgium and its partners developed a microgrid: a modular solar panel park that, in combination with a battery, can provide an entire festival with locally generated energy.

The mobile support structures for the 72 solar panels with matching inverter were co-developed and produced by Fisheye. They are installed on site on containers or on the ground by Enervice, who also ensure that these panels are tilted at the perfect angle. Energy surpluses are stored in a Greener super battery. The battery then supplies energy as soon as the sun disappears so that Camping Belgica can continue to broadcast.

The installation consists of 6 frames of modular and custom-made solar panels, together 10kVA (AC) or 13.32 kWp (DC). There are 6 solar panels per frame. The 330 kWh battery is charged as much as possible by the solar panels and is only used as a back-up when the solar production is too low.

This sustainable system not only reduces energy costs, Camping Belgica now also no longer uses noisy diesel generators, so no CO2 emissions either.

7C Solarparken Belgium is a financier, developer and operator of industrial solar projects within the Benelux and, in addition to professional asset management, also offers the option of redevelopment and takeover of existing projects. (https://enervestprojects.eu/summer-camping-belgica-van-stubru-draait-volledig-op-groene-energie-dankzij-solar-vagant/)

More informtion

Do you want to know more about this best practice? Please visit their website (Dutch): https://enervestprojects.eu/summer-camping-belgica-van-stubru-draait-volledig-op-groene-energie-dankzij-solar-vagant/

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