·      Country: United Kingdom

·      Type of provider: Provider of campsite equipment

·      Focus:

  • Reuse: We make it easy for customers to access products rental thereby increasing the reuse of camping equipment and avoiding the use of low quality one off use equipment. Our company uses technology to bring customers an easy way to access equipment rentals.

Summary of the project

The objective is to increase rental/reuse in the camping sector.

Lendobox is driving forward the Circular Economy by leading the shift from a ‘Product’ model, to a ‘Product-as-a-Service’ model, making rental products easy to access and giving rental businesses the tools they need to scale fast.

With the use of technology they make the customer journey to booking tent rental easy and hassle free. Customers add tent rental as an extra inside their campsite booking process and local tent hire suppliers deliver and pitch the tent, ready for the customers arrival. Taking away the operational costs for a campsite to manage tent hire and removing the equipment barrier to camping. There’s no extra maintenance work for the campsite as an external supplier delivers and sets up the equipment, and customers can turn up to a ready made camping setup.


Yes, our technology can work anywhere in the world and customers can book from wherever they are. This is because we work with campsites and their local tent hire companies this allows us to support reuse/rental wherever it’s needed.

More information

Do you want to know more about this project? Please visit their website: https://lendobox.com/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/65587557/

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