• Country: United Kingdom
  • Type of provider: Packaging material
  • Focus: Notpla packaging is made from brown seaweed and biodegradable. No micro-plastics and is compostable. Ooho sachets are also biodegradable and a plastic free solution to wasteful sauce pots/condiments you get from takeaways currently.
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Summary of the project

Notpla packaging is made from brown seaweed, which grows up to 1m per day. It does not compete with food crops, doesn’t need fresh water or fertiliser and actively contributes to de-acidifying our oceans. 50% of plastic packaging is used once and then thrown away. Notpla packaging however biodegrades naturally in 4-6 weeks. There are no micro-plastics and it is home compostable and doesn’t contaminate PET recycling. Notpla has a bespoke manufacturing machine that produces the Oohos sachets in the range of 15-100ml. Once fully tested and scaled up, the business model will be to lease this machine and sell cartridges of materials to food manufacturers, co-packers and event organisers. This will enable them to produce and sell Oohos themselves.

Ooho is a flexible packaging solution for either beverages and sauces, made from Notpla. The sachets biodegrade or you can also just eat it, making it ideal for on the go!  This is a plastic free solution to wasteful sauce pots/condiment sachets you get. It can be composted with the rest of your food waste as well.


Some of the seaweed that NOTPLA are using is coming from other countries such as France or Spain.

More information

Do you want to know more about this organization? Please visit their website: https://www.notpla.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/notpla/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notpla/

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