·      Country: Netherlands

·      Type of provider: all types of organizations

·      Focus:

  • Reduce: By efficiently installing solar panels on commercial buildings, a large surface area is installed at once and as a result less materials and labor are needed than having to install it on all individual roofs.
  • Recover: Energy is recovered by means of solar panels.

Summary of the project

Het Zon Effect has been a great success for eight years now. Het Zon Effect has ensured that more than 50,000 solar panels have been installed on almost 4,000 roofs in eight years. People can purchase solar panels at a favorable rate, it is a collaboration set up by the Zeeland environmental federation and Zeeuwwind. The aim is to provide as many roofs as possible with solar energy at a competitive rate. In addition, you also have the option for companies to rent out their company roof and to contribute to a sustainable Zeeland. With the ZonOffensief Zeeland, Coöperatie Zeeuwind combines various roofs in Zeeland into 1 large-scale solar project.

Involved parties

Zeeuwind, Saman and Zeeuwse Milieu Federatie.

More information

Do you want to know more about this project? Please visit their website: https://www.hetzoneffect.nl/

Over deze practice

R-strategie: Recover, Reduce
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