• Country: United Kingdom
  • Type of provider: Supermarket
  • Focus:
    • Refuse - buy only what you really need
    • Rethink – buy responsibly
    • Reduce – be able to buy any amount of product – no minimum quantity
    • Reuse – bring your own containers - anything that works for you, to refill them again and again with products
    • Recycle – buy product that could be recycled, compostable exp. Bamboo toothbrushes, kitchen wipes, baking paper and more

Summary of the project

Art of Zero Living store is a unique and the only (at present) essential retailer of high quality, organic and natural food and non-food products in historical Greenwich area. They are aiming to encourage local community to reduce waste in packaging, to help Greenwich area to become a greener and more sustainable, to set an example of successful sustainable busines model, to help individuals take the journey from awareness to actions.

The store is operating using the principles of the Circular Economy which means – ‘No waste goes to landfill’. As a company they will always highlight and prioritize local brands and locally produced products to reduce carbon footprint.

"We are a young professional family of three who is passionate about sustainable, zero and plastic free healthy life". Bea Johnson’s ‘Zero Waste Home’ book was the final touch to turn our lifestyle to an eco -thinking direction. Starting with small steps – such as reducing plastic from our home, not only shopping with your own bags but also bringing our own small reusable bags for vegies , choosing home cleaning and personal hygiene products more wisely by avoiding harsh chemicals - over 3 years we have reach the point where we have been making our own products at home such as toothpaste, make up products, dishwasher tablets etc… After living in Greenwich area for 8 years we have always missed a retail shop which would meet our ethical believes. In our shop we are offering high quality products with competitive prices as most of the wholesale purchased in bulk. The barrels or tubs used for distribution are returned & refilled again, ensuring a zero-packaging waste supply chain from the factory to the householder.

Thanks to unique formulas being biodegradable, there would be nor harmful impact in the environment from normal usage The customers are encouraged to bring their own containers – anything what works for them, & to weight certain amount of products. They can experience the possibility to buy as much or as little as they wish. There is no minimum quantity, with the aim of reducing food waste All stock is visually displayed in clear containers for buyers to recognise raw products. Shop Zero Way – Live Zero Way

Involved parties

The company is working together with mostly local & UK based companies. They are always choosing suppliers carefully, looking into their ethics & believes, trying to work with only sustainable, fair-trade, transparent, nature & environment friendly business.

More information

Do you want to know more about this organization? Please visit their website: http://artofzeroliving.uk/

Instagram: @artofzeroliving - https://www.instagram.com/artofzeroliving/?hl=nl

Facebook: artofzeroliving - https://www.facebook.com/artofzeroliving

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