• Country: Netherlands
  • Type of provider: Swimmingpool
  • Focus: 
    • Reduce: Bio boilers use their fuel efficiently, which means less energy is needed
    • Repurpose: Residual waste is used as fuel for heating the bathing water and indoor air.


Every day, about 200 visitors use the modern swimming pool Ny Sudersé in Lemmer. The swimming complex has three pools for exercise and relaxation, an instruction pool, a paddling pool and a recreation pool. Both the indoor air and the pool water are heated. In 2012, the swimming pool was built and the technical possibilities were examined. A biomass system was chosen for the heating, the main reason being to save on energy costs. A bio boiler provides smart and environmentally friendly energy. It is also very easy to use. The bio-boilers burn wood pellets, this is relatively cheap and bio-boilers use fuel efficiently. The wood pellets are made from residual waste in the wood industry, and also from prunings.

Involved parties

Swimming pool Ny Sudersé (initiative)

Atechpro (Boiler supplier) : https://atechpro.nl/producten/classicfire/belangrijkste-voordelen

More information

Do you want to know more about this best practice? Please visit their website: https://zwembadlemmer.nl/

Over deze practice

R-strategie: Reduce, Repurpose
Betrokken partners: Ny Sudersé