The restaurant Gust’eaux is an off-grid restaurant and wanted a decentralized solution for water supply and wastewater purification. In collaboration with Tuincreatie Wouter Igodt, ECOZ®, BOSAQ, Vlakwa and Ghent University, a purification system was installed to purify wastewater to drinking water. Rinse water from dishwashers passed through a grease trap and was collected together with the flush water from toilets in a septic tank for primary treatment. Afterwards, grey water was added to the mix and a constructed wetland from ECOZ® provided biological treatment. The effluent of this constructed wetland is of sufficient quality for discharge in the environment. The consortium took things a step further and used the advanced technology of BOSAQ to produce premium drinking water from the constructed wetland effluent. The advanced and modular BOSAQ technology produces clean water that is remineralized to tailor the taste to the wishes of the client.

“Thanks to the expertise of our partners, we can use this system to purify our wastewater and convert it into delicious drinking water. In this way we are completely independent with regard to water use and consumption.“

This is a pioneering project for Flanders and Europe, effectively closing the water cycle for this restaurant. Besides drinking water, the consortium also produced beer from wastewater. This project was funded by Interreg Flanders-The Netherlands and Province West-Flanders.


Wastewater is purified and converted into delicious drinking water.


The way in which we use water was completely redesigned in this project, aiming for local resilience and circular water use.


Water is recycled in a circular loop.


Water is reused in a circular loop to obtain sustainable water management







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Thema: Watermanagement
R-strategie: Recycle, Rethink, Reuse
Betrokken partners: Tuinen Wouter Igodt, ECOZ® - Plant Projects bvba, Bosaq, VITO Vlakwa, Gent University