The Veere Beach Exploitation Foundation (SSV) manages, operates and monitors the beaches of the municipality of Veere located between Dishoek and Vrouwenpolder, including the Veersemeerstrandje and Neeltje Jans during the high season. As of 2019, the SSV also manages and monitors the Vlissingen beaches. The SSV also manages the dune crossings and carries out minor maintenance.

In 2020 they build a (partly) circular beach post on the beach by Dishoek. They have built a (partly) circular beach post on the beach of Dishoek. From this beach post, they make surveillance during the summer season. The idea of a circular beach post arose in 2018. The old beach post had some technical complications and the location of it was also not great. In 2019 the plans for the building were worked out and construction started. In the spring of 2020, the building of the beach post was complete.

SSV decided on building partly circular because of their goal to function CO2 neutral in 2030. Building their first energy-neutral and circular beach station was one of the steps they had to make to achieve this goal. The beach post is quit unique in the region. It is the first project build to create sustainable beach management at the Walcheren beaches.

All materials used in the beach post were sustainable and circular. The construction consists partly of the brake mechanism from the former ferry in Vlissingen and of old scrap wood from an old warehouse in a town nearby. The staircase consists of useful parts from the old beach crossing close to the beach pavilion Vloed. The façade and shutters are made from rejected beach decking. Normally the beach decking is used to create a path to cross the beach. The old and splintered ones are now used in the beach post. And last, of all, the post is isolated with locally harvested straw.

The building of the construction was financed from own money and a loan.



With designing the building they had to rethink how the building had to function and at the same time make it energy neutral.


The materials used in the building got are mostly re-used materials from old buildings.

Involved parties

Constructing the beach post always took place in close consultation with Rijkswaterstaat and the Waterschap Scheldestromen, two large government agencies that regulate matters relating to water and the environment. Consultations were also held with the entrepreneur of the beach pavilion Kaapduin and the lifeguards of the SSV. The construction is design by the local architectural firm Ro&Ad.



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