Quatra is a family company with more than 50 years’ experience in recycling used frying fats and oils. Quatra started out as a used frying oil collector and has grown into a used frying oil processor. They have now reinvented themselves as a producer and supplier of fresh frying oil. Their goal is to serve their customers as well and as cheaply as they can.

"We are convinced that waste flows are valuable. We are specialized in collecting used frying oil and recycling it into a primary product for the production of second-generation biodiesel."

Quatra believes in recuperating 100% energy from waste. Nothing is wasted: frying oil is turned into biodiesel, waste from frying is turned into biogas and other waste flows such as plastic etc. are cleaned, sorted and sent for recycling in turn. Quatra does all this in one truck with completely physically separate compartments: think green – two services in one trip


Quatra produces the fresh fats and oils themselves at their production site in Lokeren (Belgium)


Their close network of their own, local drivers enables them to deliver your fresh frying fats and collect your used frying fats at the same time.


Quatra's trucks and depots have all the permits required to collect used frying fats. Service, hygiene and reliability are top priorities.


Everything they collect is recycled and turned into renewable energy. Nothing is sent to the tip. All this is done in a recycling process that is almost 100% automated and meets the strictest standards.

“We are not waste collectors: we supply your restaurant with basic materials that we transform after use into raw materials to make biodiesel"

Piet Van Pollaert - managing director


Reduce - Reuse - Recycle


More than 70.000 catering businesses use Quatra services to collect used cooking oil in The United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg.

Supporting charities

OlioBox -

OlioBox is a collection container at supermarkets for used frying fats and oils in sealed packaging. For this collection concept, they work with Natuurpunt and Natagora. These are the two most important organizations for nature in Belgium.

For every liter of frying oil collected in the OlioBox that can be turned into biodiesel, OlioBox makes a financial donation to these two charities: the equivalent of 3m² of countryside for each full OlioBox. "





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