Surfschool Veerse dam in the Netherlands is a watersports center. The company teaches in water sport, rents equipment, and provides official VDWS (German international water sports organization) diplomas. Since six years, the surf school is completely self-sufficient. To accomplish this six solar panels, two wind turbines, a battery pack and a water reservoir were installed.

The surf school needed to be self-sustainable because the location did not have access to the water or energy infrastructure. Being self-sustainable was not only the best option from an ecologic point of view, but was also a low-cost solution. That is why, six years ago, they installed a small solar panel and a windmill. This was later expanded by another windmill and six extra-large solar panels on the roof of the building. They also installed a small water reservoir on the roof to provide fresh water. The surf school financed the project with their own money.

In the last couple of years, the surf school has been optimizing  its energy supply. Nowadays they use more electrical appliances on a daily basis which takes its part in the available energy. In the coming years, they will continue optimizing their energy supply.



With the self-sustainable building the Surfschool reduces their use of energy. They must be very conscious about the use of their energy to prevent wasting energy as much as possible.

Involved parties

Different partners were involved in the creation of the self-sustainable surf school. Camping Molenzicht helped with the water reservoir and Skyling helped with setting up the internet. The used materials came from different suppliers, the solar panels are from Exasun, and the regulators from Victron.




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