We will work with tourist entrepreneurs and other stakeholders (f.e. architects, contractors) to Co-create the Circular design proposal. In this way we demonstrate the possibility of a circular economy tourist accommodation and will also function as a test for tourist entrepreneurs who want to invest in circular economy accommodation but still have concerns; by involving them in the design they can test features and technics that they plan to apply, and receive feedback from users.

In the meantime, students of the architecture program have started designing the building. On our news page you will find a nice interview with lecturer-researcher Maarten den Hollander and students who are working on this pilot within FACET: click here for the article.

Some pictures of the design:

Biobased beleven.jpg
Gebouw biobased beleven 3.jpg
Gebouw biobased beleven 2.png
Gebouw biobased beleven 1.jpg

Over deze pilot

Thema: Circulair building
R-strategie: Repurpose, Rethink, Reuse
Betrokken partners: HZ University of Applied Sciences