ADEME supported a study aiming at identify deposits and outlets for the shell waste of the coast of Baie-de-Somme. Following the study, the local government carried out a pilot operation for the recycling of shellfish waste involving 8 restaurants. The government now wishes to explore the possible outlets for shell waste byproducts in the tourism sector such as furnishings for restaurants and hotels, road markings for bicycle-routes or coating for cycle paths. The pilot project addresses upstream, restaurants as shell waste providers and downstream, the local government of Baie de Somme -authority for tourism development- and the tourism sites. It aims at removing the barriers for a wide use of local shell waste by-products in the tourism sector: regulatory obstacle on the use of non-inert waste, identification of a competitive process, stimulation of tourist entrepreneurs in changing to circular practices and purchase

Over deze pilot

Thema: Waste management
R-strategie: Repurpose, Rethink, Reuse
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