Norfolk County Council will support the small fast food businesses of Great Yarmouth to tackle the amount of food waste unnecessarily entering waste streams. Our council teams supported by supply chain consultants will engage local businesses with bottom-up discourse and value chain meetings about which food waste solutions will best suit their needs.

We are keen to work with our entrepreneurs to find solutions to 3 issues:

1) Cooking oil being sent unnecessarily for waste disposal; The Great Yarmouth seafront and main thoroughfare has a high density of food outlets producing large volumes of used cooking oil. We’d like to know if our entrepreneurs would be interested in participating in a joint-purchasing venture to take advantage of waste oil services that produce biofuel/second life food waste products.

2) Food waste going into general refuse; We’d like to work with cafés and market stall vendors to see if they’d participate in a compostable food waste collection by the council or an external contractor for industrial composting. There may also be opportunities to help cafés trial small-scale coffee ground composting initiatives within the local community.

3) Surplus prepared food ending up in general refuse; Many takeaway businesses, supermarkets and eateries in urban areas are developing B2B connections with food aid organizations or through app assisted food dissemination platforms. These apps and initiatives help connect businesses to community fridges, charities or thrifty consumers. We’d like to see businesses in Yarmouth explore initiatives offering this greener net gain.

By piloting creative solutions and B2B processes we hope to generate a more circular response to waste stream management. We will ID companies, engaging and supporting them to explore and implement a ‘green’ supply chain, while building more robust business models in the UKs 3rd largest seaside resort (5.75 million visitors/year).

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Thema: Waste management
R-strategie: Reduce, Repurpose, Reuse
Betrokken partners: Norfolk County Council