Circular accommodations 'Dikesuites'

The pilot

In cooperation with the Circular Support Team, Camping and villa park the Paardekreek defines, designs and creates a circular tourist accommodation that will serve as a model for a new type of accommodation. Guests are constantly looking for new accommodations and new experiences, therefore the Paardekreek wants to meet this need by building circular accommodations. By meeting this needs this project partner hopes to meet the currently changing market in tourist accommodations. Circularity assumes that today's products are the raw materials for later: after use, products can be disassembled and the materials reused. It contrasts with the current approach in which we keep purchasing, using and throwing away new products. This disposable and replacement culture has an enormous impact on the planet, while circularity is based on a world without waste. Benefits include: if the accommodation is rebuilt in ten years’ time, the materials can be reused so no new sources are required and also if the accommodation does not meet the requirements of tourists anymore over time, the accommodation can be disassembled and the materials can be reused.

The new type of accommodations that is built by camping and villa park the Paardekreek is called Dikesuites. This brand-new residence is circular, energy efficient and has no gas connection, heating and cooking are done with electricity. To save energy, high-quality natural insulation and triple insulated glass are used. The accommodations will literally be built in a dike. The dike in which the Paardekreek is going to realize the new accommodations is land that was left after the villa park was built in 2005. The excavation of a creek left this land which is now being used again. By building these accommodations in a circular manner, the Paardekreek hopes to be an example for other recreation entrepreneurs to have suitable accommodation for the permanently changing wishes of the guest.

The Paardekreek will build these accommodations in a circular manner with a construction team from various local companies. The construction team is composed of companies that are interested in circular construction and actively contribute ideas. The accommodations will be realized before Easter 2021.


Re-use: The Paardekreek uses for building and furnishing the accommodation products that have already been used for other purposes. The stelcom plates on which the accommodations are located are second-hand, for the table in the accommodation a table top which is an old floor from a sports hall may be used. In addition, the accommodation will be built so that the materials can be easily disassembled and reused. This also applies to the installation and connection of electricity.

Recycle: Products that are used for the construction and interior of the accommodation are from recycled materials, such as for example the outdoor chairs. The kitchen in the accommodation is also made by using secondary raw materials and the packaging materials are recyclable.

Involved organizations (Netherlands)

WTS architecten, Bouwbedrijf Rijk, Installatiebedrijf van de Velde, Bruynzeel keukens, Madino Terrasmeubilair

Over deze pilot

Thema: Circulair building
R-strategie: Recycle, Reuse
Betrokken partners: WTS architecten, Bouwbedrijf Rijk, Van de Velde installatiegroep, Bruynzeel Keukens, Madino Terrasmeubilair