Do you believe in an inclusive labor market?
Do you want to help improve the return to work of cancer patients? This is your chance! An international team is building several tools to facilitate this job reintegration. Experts from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom are working together in this project, called I-KNOW-HOW. Employees, their environment, employers, job coaches and healthcare workers are involved. They all play a crucial role in the return to work process. Through our innovative tools we aim to inform and support each of these stakeholders. Getting back to work is crucial for a smooth reintegration in society. Being able to work again leads to an income, social contact, structure and a feeling of control. It is the necessary fuel for employees!
Interested in testing one of our tools?
We'll start testing in the fall of 2020. Click here to register as an employee, an employer, team leader, HR-staff, a coach active in the wide domain of return to work process or a (para)medical.
What’s in it for you?
  • Get preliminary access to innovative tools
  • Keep updated about the results of the project
  • Make the difference for people with cancer!