Last week several co-creation sessions were held in Belgium. Six coaches and six employees with cancer joined. Covid-19 forced us to organise them online. Which was not evident, as we only had two weeks to organise this.

To facilitate the flow of the meetings all participants had to make a small preparation. Although none of the experts had seen each other in real life, the co-creation session went smoothly. Lots of good practices and personal experiences were shared in an open atmosphere. Especially the common passion to find solutions for the return to work problem in persons with cancer was remarkable.

Eline De Cleermaecker and Ann De Haese, the GTB-researchers who organised the sessions, used a lot of pictures and images to get the discussion started. This created a flow of creativity within the participants. Both researchers were surprised about the huge amount of useful feedback and input for the new coaching model. They are developing the new model together with experts from project partners in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. A lot of facilitating and obstructing factors in the return to work process were found. As expected the importance of an I-KNOW-HOW coach was confirmed. This type of coach is specialised in job reintegration after cancer.