End of international project FACET

End of international project FACET

After three years the international project FACET is ending. In the FACET project we aimed at stimulating circular entrepreneurship in the tourism sector. During our project, we achieved some great results. Here some highlights:

Helping entrepreneurs

We helped 30 entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Belgium with implementing circular solutions. We worked on six different themes: circular building, water management, joint purchase, renewable energy, sustainable packaging, and waste management.

White papers on stimulating circularity

We have researched circularity in the tourism sector and created three white papers about our findings. One for entrepreneurs, one for regulatory and also one for financial stakeholders.

Experimenting with circular solutions

In five pilots we demonstrated how circular solutions can be adopted in the tourism sector.

Creating tools to help adopt circularity

We created several tools to help entrepreneurs implement circularity. Below some examples:

  • A guide on how to get started with circular entrepreneurship
  • A toolkit on circular economy with explanations and examples
  • A two-pager on how to build quadruple Helix connections
  • A toolkit on how to communicate with guests about circular steps
  • A practical guide on how to start circular projects

Collection of tools and information

This project ends on 31 March 2023. To make sure our work can be used by anyone interested, we created this website with our pilots, best practices, research information, and contact details.

View all highlights of our project in this factsheet.

We want to thank all partners, observers, and interested people in the project for following the developments in the project. Special thanks to the entrepreneurs participating in our project and the people of Interreg 2 Seas.

End of international project FACET