FACET livestream

We all need to become more sustainable. Circular entrepreneurship offers a solution to this. This means work for entrepreneurs, as they have to adapt their products, services, production processes and sometimes revenue models in the coming years. With the international project FACET, we have spent the past 3 years looking at how we can help entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to do circular business.

3 years working on circularity

Over the past 3 years, we have worked with partners from France, England and Flanders on circularity in the tourism sector in the FACET project. We have run pilots, conducted research on stimulating circular entrepreneurship and helped more than 30 entrepreneurs solve circular issues.

Watching back livestream

On 7 December, we proudly presented our results and gave a recommendation for the future. Did you miss this livestream? Then watch the stream back at your convenience.

Or watch via this link: https://youtu.be/bspT67meth8

What do we discuss in the livestream?

Circular entrepreneurship in Baie du Somme (FR)

Highlights of research into the motivation behind circular entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs experimenting with circularity (NL & BE)

Working towards less street waste (EN)

Building a biobased holiday home

A look to the future

Want to know more about circular entrepreneurship? Check out our tools or contact project manager from your region.

FACET livestream