Communicating waste processing

You process your waste in a circular manner and want to take your guests along in this circular challenge to show how you are working on sustainability. But how do you approach this communication? Waste is not really a theme that you want to bother guests with during their holiday

Positive communication approach

In the Interreg 2 Seas project FACET, a number of entrepreneurs set to work with the question: how can I communicate the circular processing of my waste flows to my guests? Together with a communication agency, a concept has been developed that allows you to communicate in a positive way about waste and the circular handling of waste.

Free to use concept

The concept has been elaborated in a toolkit that all entrepreneurs in tourism from Zeeland can use. The toolkit consists of an explanation of the concept, the logo, sample texts for socials and example communication tools such as posters. Due to the many foreign tourists, the concept has also been translated into German and English.

Do you also want to communicate about your circular waste processing? Request the toolkit via the form below and receive the open files sent to you. This is how we work together on a waste-free Zeeland.

Link to form:

Communicating waste processing