Building a circular dike suite as recreational accommodation

One of the Dutch partners in the Interreg 2 Seas project FACET is camping and villaparc the Paardekreek. Owners Marijke and Arjen Brinkman will build circular dike suites during the coming period. An interesting project because of the construction and the implementation in the environment. In the FACET project, they will share the knowledge and experiences they gain throughout the building process, from assembling a team to furnishing the suites.

Circularity in the recreational sector

Marijke and Arjen already had the idea to build circular dike suites for a while. With their participation in the Interreg project FACET they were able to strengthen, expand and most of all, share this idea with others. Sharing knowledge about circularity within the tourism sector is of great importance. The recreation sector is highly subject to change. Every year guests have new wishes. With the dike suites, the owners hope to meet the new needs of guests without creating much waste. 

Assemble a team

Meanwhile, Marijke en Arjen now found a team of contractors who will be working with the construction of the eight suites. Finding the right contractors was difficult, says Marijke Brinkman. 

“You look for people who find circular building interesting and who already have experience with it. Your want expertise and cooperation. For us, one of the demands was a contractor who actively participates in the development process of the accommodations. “ 

Learn from each other

This is not the first time Marijke and Arjen are building circular. With their participation in the Interreg 2 Seas project FACET, they hope to serve as an example and inspiration for other entrepreneurs. They dike suites are not only to inspire guests but also stimulate other entrepreneurs in their region to also start building circular. Their advice to those entrepreneurs is to take the time to look for partnerships that work.  

"Find partners who consider circular building important. If you start working with partners who build traditionally and are not really open to the circular way, the process will be very long. However, join forces and together you can reach great results.” 

In January Marijke and Arjen start with preparing the dike to build on. They expect the suites to be fully furnished around Easter. 

For more information about circularity in the tourism and leisurement sector in Zealand, the Netherlands, you can contact Helen Roskam ( from Impuls Zeeland.