­čî▒Duurzaamheidsfestival 23/24 Sept­čî▒

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Duurzaamheidsfestival (Sustainability Festival) -23/24 September at Siloterrein in Middelburg. ÔŁŚ´ŞĆWe are recruiting students for helping with organizing the festival. You can earn HZ personality credits and at the same time learn about Green Solutions.

­čĽĹ Meeting on Thursday, at Kleeverskerkseweg at 14:00 in Middelburg. Do you want to brainstorm with us? Let us know! We hope to see you there.

ÔŁô´ŞĆAt the festival you will discover where we are on the way to a sustainable, CO2-free Zeeland, and you will meet people who are working on it and who can help you do the same. In your own way and with your own possibilities.

september 17, 2022
september 17, 2022
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