Bee Hotel Workshop

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Make a wild bee hotel!🐝

Now, you may be thinking: "Why would I want to build a hotel for wild bees in my garden? They will come into my home and sting me!" However, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

What are wild bees? Wild bees are solitary bees that live without a queen or group. They do not sting, do not enter houses and they mostly stay in the garden. As long as you don't hurt the bee, the bee won't hurt you.

Why is this important? Solitary bees are important for the pollination of our plants and our food stock. In the last decades, the bee population has declined significantly, but people mostly only helped the honey bees. However, honey bees are not as good in pollination as solitary bees. A bee hotel will also help the bio-diversity in our environment!

How to make a bee hotel? Join the bee hotel workshop next Wednesday (the 28th of April) to learn how! The location of the workshop is at the APV in Vlissingen (Joost de Moorstraat 21).

Why make a bee hotel yourself when you can just buy one from Action, for example? Not all these bee or insect hotels are the right quality and can still have splinters inside them, which can harm the bees.

Do you want more information? You can read this flyer or join the bee workshop Wednesday the 28th.

So Join us in building a Bee Hotel at the Student Garden together with Ms. Monique Jankowski, a local beekeeper who has a lot of knowledge and experience! Dm us on Instagram if you’d like to join or sign up via this excel sheet

april 28, 2021
april 28, 2021
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