Cleanup + monitoring plastic debris from beaches and De Binnenhaven Vlissingen

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The HZ Green Office regularly organises cleanups. Currently, we're cleaning up De Binnenhaven Vlissingen every other week, as part of a research HZ Green Office is doing for the municipality; the info about what type of waste we find and how much feeds into a national benchmark. This information is used to set policies to prevent waste from the source. Also, on a regular basis we organise beach cleanups or plogging events. On Saturdaymorning 19 September we are organising a cleaning & monitoring on 5 locations during the national cleanup day that is organised all around the Netherlands. Want to join us in 19 Sep? contact Upcoming cleanups & monitoring sessions Binnenhaven: 23 September: cleanup, start 10h 't Smoske 24 September: monitoring, start 10h 't Smoske 7 October: cleanup, start 10h 't Smoske 8 October: monitoring, start 10h 't Smoske 21 October: cleanup, start 10h 't Smoske 22 October: monitoring, start 10h 't Smoske -> all these activities can be linked to HZ Personality. Interested? just come or contact or

september 19, 2020
september 19, 2020
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