Documentary Day

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Are you interested in climate change? Do you think it is already happening around the world? How do you think this affects us, and what the impact might be in the near future?

The HZ Green Office with the support of HZ Cult and Apv Housing has organized a documentary day. This event will be in the APV Campus, Thursday, January the 16th at 19:00. It will consist of the projection of two documentaries:

19:00 Chasing Glaciers (Directed by Mark Gregory)

A world temperature increase of 1.5 °C is already inevitable and a 2 °C increase is very possible considering the path we are on now. As the climate changes, droughts will become more commonplace as major cities like Capetown and Los Angeles are predicted to lose all access to their natural water reserves. Nations such as the Maldives and Bangladesh will completely disappear underneath the ocean’s surface and desertification will destroy much of Northern Africa and the Middle East (and all of this by 2050)! Even though these problems seem existential and preventable, there is one place where the threat of Climate Change is currently manifesting itself: the beautiful country of Perú. Within their borders are 70% of the world´s tropical glaciers and over the last 40 years, they have lost almost half their surface areas. The country of 27 million all depends on these glaciers either directly or indirectly for potable water, irrigation, and hydroelectric energy. With the rise in temperature many if not all these glaciers will completely disappear. As they do, the livelihoods and water resources of the people impacted will vanish as well. There is no saving them, only to adapt to a new way of life or pack up and move.


19:20 Q&A session

19:35 Building bridges (Directed by Carlijn Mulder and Nadine Smiths)

Carlijn Mulder and Nadine Smits participated in the 2017 HZ Honours Programme. They created the documentary "Building Bridges" during their journey, as the honours programme gives space and the opportunity to HZ students to work on their own interesting project. Carlijn and Nadine travelled through five different countries -Thailand, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Vietnam- and researched how these countries deal with Climate Change related problems. Nadine is now an advisor Water and Climate for the Province of Zeeland. She will introduce the documentary and relate her learnings to her work as a professional. After the documentary there will be a Q&A.


8:05 Q&A session

If you would like to attend, please let us know so we could reserve a place for you! (Limited Capacity)

We invite you all to enjoy these amazing films and have some drinks after!


januari 16, 2020
januari 16, 2020
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