Centree VisPluis Collection day

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If you walk along the coast you have probably seen blue plastic threads scattered on the beaches. This plastic threads are called “Vispluis” and if you pay attention you will see them all over the coastline of Zeeland. The cultural foundation Centree from Zierikzee wants to raise awareness about the VisPluis problem. Together with the artist Kainoosh Gerami, they will create an art piece from this VisPluis. They want you to join as they organise VisPluis collection events on 10 more different locations along the North Sea coast. To support this great initiative, we organise an additional collection day in Vlissingen on the 29th November. We will meet in front of Panta Rhei at the Nollestrand at 13:00 o’clock.

november 29, 2019
november 29, 2019