Beach cleanup Vlissingen

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On Friday afternoon on the 4th of October, the HZ Green Office is organising a beach cleanup in Vlissingen.

The meetup spot will be in front of the Panta Rhei at 14:15. We will combine our efforts to get the beach a little cleaner followed by some drinks and snacks afterwards. Drinks and snacks will be provided by us. However, please bring your own cup or a reusable bottle if you can.

We will also start combining the cleanups with monitoring the things we collect. Delta management student Christoph Sonneck will guide us this Friday in monitoring plastic waste. The goal is to measure what we find, how much, and where.

There are a lot of small plastic pellets on the beach at the moment, so bring a kitchen sieve/strainer if you have one.

Visit our Facebook page to get the latest info on our events, any changes to the schedules can be found there. You can also sign up for this beach cleanup directly via the following facebook event page:

We hope to see you on Friday and as always, feel free to invite others!

oktober 4, 2019
oktober 4, 2019