Delta Academy Applied Research Centre

Research themes of the Delta Academy Applied Research Centre.

The Delta Academy, as part of HZ University of Applied Sciences, offers unique study programmes and an applied research centre in the field of delta technology. The academy is based in the southwestern delta of the Netherlands. The study programmes are designed to develop a broad range of skills in delta technology, which will give students a foundation in knowledge for water, land and life in delta areas. The three specialised Bachelor’s programmes Civil Engineering, Water Management and Delta Management focus on infrastructure, ecology, water supply, policy and governance in delta areas.

Applied research in delta technology

Furthermore, the Delta Academy includes an applied research centre. Lecturers, researchers and students work together to conduct applied research in delta technology in four main fields: Aquaculture in Delta Areas, Building with Nature, Water Technology and Water Safety & Spatial Planning. The applied research is carried out in close collaboration with various partners in professional practice, like small and medium-size businesses and public institutes, sometimes in international consortia. The applied research provides knowledge and new insights that will lead to practical solutions and products to professional practice. Education and applied research are strongly interconnected in the Delta Academy. Mostly through courses, fieldwork and experiments in the laboratory facility SEA Lab. Students participating in applied research come in contact with professional practice through internships, minors and research-assignments, which give them the opportunity to build a professional network during their studies.

Are you interested?

Students have the possibility to participate in applied research. This research portfolio is an overview of all projects the Delta Academy Applied Research Centre has to offer. Students that are interested in an internship or final thesis can apply by sending a motivation letter. Please send your letter to the contact person for the research group of your interest:

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Information about our research themes:

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